Stall Holder Interview: Eleanor Jane Vintage and Handmade


Name and/or Business name:  Helen, owner of Eleanor Jane Vintage and Handmade
Facebook and Instagram: Eleanor Jane Vintage and Handmade
Twitter: @EleanorJaneVH

Tell us what you will be bringing to the Clevedon Sunday Market

I will be bringing some items of up-cycled furniture, vintage and handmade goods.

Tell us about how your business started

As soon as I could drive aged 17, (over 30 years ago!!) I started doing boot sales and scouring  charity shops for interesting and what was then termed ‘old fashioned’ now ‘vintage’ goods, especially old painted pine furniture that I could strip back to the original wood. I remember the first boot sale I did in a farmer’s field, I got my old Riley Elf stuck in the mud and had to be towed out by the farmer!! But it never put me off and over 30 years later I still get a buzz from finding something I can up-cycle. I have since progressed to selling at lovely markets like Clevedon and online. I would love to have my own shop one day so that I could run my business full time.

Tell us what you love about markets/ trading at markets such as the Clevedon Sunday Market

I enjoy meeting people and talking both about what I do and what they enjoy collecting. I also love merchandising and presenting lovely things.

Tell us something about Clevedon (a memory, a reason to visit, what you love about Clevedon)

As a child my grandparents would bring me from Weston in their Morris Minor to Salthouse Park to play cricket and rounders and ride on the train. I spent many happy Sunday afternoons with them in Clevedon, and was in the old café in the park,  again with my grandparents when I went into labour with my son, now 23 years old!! Clevedon has a great mix of shops, cafes and lovely walks and the people are always friendly.


Local Business Interview: Indulgence Chocolates

shop front

Business Name : Indulgence
Address 12a Hill Road, Clevedon
Opening hours for market : 10am-2pm
We will have tempting tasters for visitors on the day!

'Hi, I'm Amy and run Indulgence on Hill Road. We specialise in luxury chocolates and confectionery, stylish partyware, wedding favours and cake decorations.
I have a small friendly team of lovely staff who help look after the shop when I'm running around after my two children!
I live in Clevedon with my family and set up shop in 2001. We absolutely love the Hill and sea area! It is full of vibrant, mainly independently run businesses and is a wonderful place to while away a few hours. The pier and sea front is very picturesque, and there are also lots of parks
and green space to explore. Potter, drink, shop, eat, rest and absorb the surroundings.

The Sunday market is a very welcome addition to our town and has a fabulous atmosphere. The separate areas encourage visitors to really enjoy the area and make it a unique experience. It brings the area to life with its colourful and varied stalls. Amazing aromas waft around from the food stalls and the artisan and craft sellers are awe inspiring with so much talent on offer.
We will be open on the market days from 10am - 2pm where we will have tempting tastes on the counter! Pop in, say hi and have a browse.

box of chocolates
chocolates in counter

Stall Holder Interview- Leagrove Antiques and Vintage

sewing antiques

Facebook: @LeagroveAntiquesandVintage
Instagram: @LeagroveAntiques

Please Introduce yourself...

My name is Sue. I live in Clevedon and I deal in decorative antiques and Vintage items across the south west, selling at a number of trade shows, markets and in some retail outlets, I work with both trade buyers and the general public. My passion is for french style antiques that have charm and that special decorative quality. I love seeing my pieces finding their next home.

Tell us what you will be bringing to the Clevedon Sunday Market

I will be bringing an eclectic mix of both Antiques and Vintage items, some with a French flavour.  From vintage linen French sheets to gardenalia, small silver items, vintage China to pretty pieces of Jewellery.

Tell us about how your business started

I was brought up around Antiques and Vintage pieces.  With an appreciation for attractive and well made items, I have been collecting over the years.  I decided to take my passion further and started selling items, firstly at the previously named Hill Road Market in Seeleys and since then at local fairs and most recently through Facebook and my new etsy shop.

Tell us what you love about markets/ trading at markets such as the Clevedon Sunday Market

I enjoy the excitement and atmosphere of Markets, meeting people and finding them that special piece.  I particularly enjoy Clevedon Sunday Market as it is my local market.  I enjoy being part of the community in Clevedon.

Tell us something about Clevedon (a memory, a reason to visit, what you love about Clevedon)

Clevedon has a friendly family atmosphere.  There is a real community spirit.  We have beautiful parks, architecture, seafront and lovely country walks.  Everyone knows everyone and look out for one another.

stall antiques
frame stand