What is the application procedure?
To apply to have a stall at the market you need to fill in our 'apply for a stall' form which is looked over by the market organisers. We try hard not to allow too many crossovers within the market so if there is already a similar stall, you may not be able to have a pitch. If you are selected you will be sent a password to our booking page which will allow you to book for the coming markets. 
What stalls are available?
Small - 1 metre by 1 metre - a space to fit a mini stall/ suitcase seller
Medium- 1 metre x 2 metres - a space to fit a 6f/ 2 metre table with covering if needed * (a table umbrella)
Large 3 metre x 3 metre - a space for a gazebo with 1/2 tables inside
How much is it and how/when do I pay?
Pitches costs £16- £28 depending on which option of stall suits you. Payment will be made when you book via our online shop. 
Can I book for next time?
You can book for approx three markets at a time. You will be able to see within the booking system which markets you can book for.
How do you promote it and how can I help?
We promote mainly through social media, leaflets and posters. We would really appreciate it if you share Facebook posts and also link your own posts to the Sunday Market as much as possible. You are very welcome to have leaflets to give out if you feel you can distribute them. We also ask every stallholder to give out leaflets at the markets and point people in the direction of the other sites involved.
Where will my stall be? * NEW
we have a new booking system online, where you will be able to book the site of our stall- access is given on application and a password is needed.
Where can I park?
Surrounding roads are good for parking but we do ask you do not park on Hill Road, Alexandra Road and the seafront. Staff will be around on the day to advise anyone needing help. Please unload with thought to other and move vehicles away from the site when unloaded to allow others to get close.
Do you provide gazebos or can I share?
We do not provide gazebos but you are welcome to bring your own if you have booked a space that can accommodate one. Please note that pitches for tables and suitcase sellers do not include any sort of cover, it may be possible for you to bring a large umbrella but consider the size of your pitch first, and ask market organisers.
Do you provide tables or chairs?
We do not provide tables or chairs but you are very welcome to bring your own.
Where can I get refreshments?
The cafe within the market hall on Alexandra Road and Barista 67 on Hill road will be open for the duration of the market for refreshments and lunch.
What do I do with rubbish?
You need to take any rubbish away with you. We are not allowed to use the bins on site, they belong to the businesses kindly letting us use their car parks.
Are there any electrical points?
Unfortunately not.
What’s your cancellation policy?
All cancellations must be made to the coordinator by email.  5 days notice will incur a £10 fee. Late cancellations that can’t be filled and no shows are liable for the full fee. We’ll be here and have overheads every month come rain or shine so there will be no refunds for bad weather unless we cancel the event.
Can I have music on or is there music on anywhere?
We do not have any sort of music licence so are unable to have music currently.
Are there toilets?
As a stallholder you are welcome to use the toilets within the Market Hall on Alexandra Road.
Where can I unload and pack up?
You are welcome to pull up as close as possible to your stall to unload and pack up, however we do request that you do not drive your car onto site as this blocks others getting in and out.
What if I sell out, can I leave early?
No, we do request that everyone stays until 2 pm even if you have sold out. Otherwise we find the market starts to look half empty when new customers are turning up.
Who are the organisers and how will I find them?
There will be one of the organising team on site at all times. They should introduce themselves to you and you should have their phone number from the information sent out prior to the market. They will all be wearing green lanyards so look out for them!  
How big is my pitch?
Pitch sizes vary depending on what you have booked. This will be clear from the booking system. 
What is the lay of the land like?
This varies and there are slopes in some of the sites. We would suggest that you bring something to prop your table up if necessary. If you are local it might be a good idea to visit beforehand or you can ask the organiser for more information on your specific pitch.
When can I start to set up?
You are welcome to start setting up from 8.00 am.
What insurance and certification do I need?
You need to have public liability insurance of £5 million and if you are serving food you will need to provide a scanned copy of your valid Safety in Catering certificate and tell us the name of the local authority you are registered with as a food business.
What if I want to sell alcohol?
Alcohol producers/sellers must provide their own temporary events notice (TEN) to cover their pitch.