Stall Holder Interview: Eleanor Jane Vintage and Handmade


Name and/or Business name:  Helen, owner of Eleanor Jane Vintage and Handmade
Facebook and Instagram: Eleanor Jane Vintage and Handmade
Twitter: @EleanorJaneVH

Tell us what you will be bringing to the Clevedon Sunday Market

I will be bringing some items of up-cycled furniture, vintage and handmade goods.

Tell us about how your business started

As soon as I could drive aged 17, (over 30 years ago!!) I started doing boot sales and scouring  charity shops for interesting and what was then termed ‘old fashioned’ now ‘vintage’ goods, especially old painted pine furniture that I could strip back to the original wood. I remember the first boot sale I did in a farmer’s field, I got my old Riley Elf stuck in the mud and had to be towed out by the farmer!! But it never put me off and over 30 years later I still get a buzz from finding something I can up-cycle. I have since progressed to selling at lovely markets like Clevedon and online. I would love to have my own shop one day so that I could run my business full time.

Tell us what you love about markets/ trading at markets such as the Clevedon Sunday Market

I enjoy meeting people and talking both about what I do and what they enjoy collecting. I also love merchandising and presenting lovely things.

Tell us something about Clevedon (a memory, a reason to visit, what you love about Clevedon)

As a child my grandparents would bring me from Weston in their Morris Minor to Salthouse Park to play cricket and rounders and ride on the train. I spent many happy Sunday afternoons with them in Clevedon, and was in the old café in the park,  again with my grandparents when I went into labour with my son, now 23 years old!! Clevedon has a great mix of shops, cafes and lovely walks and the people are always friendly.